International Business of the Year 
Cobalt Aerospace Ltd


High Growth Business of the Year
Advance Grass Solutions Ltd



Start-Up Business of the Year 
Parker Rose Recruitment

Self-Employed/Sole Trader of the Year 
Sheila Granger Ltd



Environmental Award
Laundry Efficiency Ltd


Micro Business of the Year


Business & Product Innovation Award
Glencoe Activities



Digital/e-commerce Business of the Year
Snag Group Ltd


Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Cameron & Declan Christie 


Wellbeing Award of the Year
Outsource Solutions (NI) Limited


Family Business of the Year
Abbey Upholsterers



Business & Product Innovation Award - UK Finalists

Access Technology North Ltd
Access Technology North is a family run, independent assistive technology consultancy service. The company works with clients of all ages, to empower and enable them to access education and live more independent and enjoyable lives. Technology helps them to discover and unlock their potential. The company, in the most part, supports medico-legal cases, though more and more self-funded families are approaching the company for support, prompting them to begin setting up a charity. The company works to support people who have a range of conditions including Acquired Brain Injury and Cerebral Palsy.

Airbond makes yarn splicers. Splicers use compressed air to join yarns in textile processes, connecting bobbins or repairing breakages. Smoother and stronger than knots, spliced joints transform quality and production efficiency. Though unknown to the man on the street, the technology is universal in textiles. Through Airbond’s research, splicers are now accepted in the composites sector, where efficiency is paramount. Airbond is managed by Graham Waters, who read Physics at Imperial College, and who was an R&D Manager at the old ICI company.

Evolution Forwarding Ltd
Evolution Forwarding, founded by husband and wife team Terry and Amanda Goldspink, are a small privately-owned UK freight forwarder, that predominantly provide niche services based around the movement of dangerous goods. The dangerous goods sector is not the easiest market to stand out in, but it is one of the most important. What they do can impact the safety of crews, passengers, the general public and the environment. With legislation becoming more stringent, the products they move are often avoided by the general logistics community.

Glencoe Activities
Originally an arable farm and transformed by the previous owner into a nine-hole golf course, the current owners have expanded the course, diversified into Café, Activity Centre and most recently, installed and operated eight luxury lodges with hot tubs. Eleven further innovative, designer-led lodges are now under construction. The business was founded in 2009 and originally had 1.5 full time equivalent employees and a turnover of £45k. The gradual and consistent diversification and expansion has evolved into a business now employing 14 FTE employees and with a turnover for 2020 of £900k!

Innovative Physics
Innovative Physics Ltd (IPL) is a world-renowned research and development company specialising in technologies including sensor technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and pattern recognition principally in the nuclear, homeland security and medical sectors. Based on the Isle of Wight, the business has set itself apart in the market due to its unique, bespoke approaches to solving complex science and engineering obstacles. Among its success stories, it has developed bespoke, cutting-edge AI technology to detect and identify radioactive material, utilised in multiple international markets, including at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant which was devastated by the 2011 Japanese Earthquake.

Lowden Guitars
Founder and luthier George Lowden began manufacturing Lowden Guitars by hand in Northern Ireland 45 years ago. Learning the trade ‘the hard way’ through self-teaching, George’s focus on craftsmanship, quality and experimentation with new shapes, bracing designs and other innovations has contributed to his rise to one of the highest-regarded guitar makers in the world. Still produced in Lowden’s County Down workshops, each Lowden guitar has a unique voice that develops over time in combination with its player and begins with the provenance of the materials, design and workmanship, carrying on through the music that is made with the player.

Metro Security (GB) PLC
Metro Security (GB) PLC began business 42 years ago in 1978 as an installer of fire and security equipment, later encompassing building management/control and nurse/warden-call systems, together with 24/7 monitoring and response services. Metro’s 2007 acquisition of Adder Digital Technology provided it with the R&D resources to diversity its core digital CCTV technology, linking it with sophisticated data analytics software, facial biometrics solutions and automatic number plate recognition for a variety of innovative operational, marketing and management applications. These capabilities have led to diversified applications in the education market, forecourt service stations and shops, and within the wider retail sector.

By digitalising the way commercial road transport operates, SNAP is revolutionising the haulage sector and modernising industry procedures across the UK and Europe. SNAP was born during 2010 and has developed into an industry leading brand within the transport sector. Located in Norwich, SNAP’s digital service has transformed the haulage industry. SNAP are best known for their flagship product, the free, all-in-one smart payment solution, SNAP Account.

Spraylat International Ltd
Spraylat International Ltd has been manufacturing temporary peelable coatings called Protectapeel since 1992. They have continued to develop and expand their range of liquid applied, protective coatings for various non-porous surfaces. During this time, they have developed their skills for formulating, developing, manufacturing and delivering skin-tight durable, environmentally friendly products that are supplied to more than 30 countries around the world. Spraylat International Ltd has progressed from solvent-based coatings to water-based coatings and now produces a range of UV (instant curing) coatings. The company employs 15 staff and is accredited to IS09001.

The Great British Biscotti Co (inc The Artful Bakers sub-brand)
Over the last 3 years The Great British Biscotti Co has done the unthinkable, turning the humble, support cast dunking biscotti into something altogether more deliciously debonair, courtesy of their ambitious pledge to support an altogether more ambitious breed of full-bodied sweet and savoury flavour profiles with far-reaching usage potential. In recent times biscuits have been in the trenches, an unwitting victim of the raging ‘sugar wars’ healthier living thinking, alternative on-the-go snacking … More interestingly still wise, influential forces (Forbes, Waitrose, Guardian…) have all identified the re-emergence of savoury which is very much back in vogue.

The Spirit of Manchester Distillery
Seb and Jen met and fell in love over G&Ts. Now, they distill, bottle and label over 100,000 bottles of award-winning Manchester Gin in the heart of the city. They’re a family business with a passion for gin, and a vision to take it around the world. What began as a dream between the two of them has, in just over three years, become a state-of-the-art distillery, a visitor experience and a bar and restaurant, Three Little Words. As a business, they occupy six grade-II listed railway arches which they lovingly restored and opened in 2019.

Totem Learning
Totem Learning Ltd (Totem) is a leading Edtech company developing digital learning solutions. They are a team of 13 working with global brands creating cutting edge AR and VR solutions. Totem’s solutions are used globally and by all age groups to gain skills that improve work performance and enhance lives. Their customers include, Educational Institution, Training Organisations, Corporates (Shell, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, PwC, NHS) SMEs and Charitable Organisations (The Princes Trust, Canadian National Institute for the Blind). The Directors, Helen Routledge and Spencer Holmes, passionately believe technology can create significant positive change through powerful digital learning experiences.

Digital/e-commerce Business of the Year - UK Finalists

Appraisd is an innovative performance management system designed to let employees take control of their personal development. It empowers them to ask for feedback, set up regular check-ins with their line manager, manage their goals and much more. While simple for managers and employees to use, it also provides powerful insights for HR and the wider organisation. Founded in 2012 by Roly Walter, Appraisd has grown significantly over the last year, doubling the number of employees to 14, including hiring its first US-based employee. The company has extended its office space in Kentish Town and plans further expansion in 2020.

Big Business Events Ltd
Big Business Events delivers courses, events and programmes all over the world that teach businesses how to scale up and significantly increase their turnover using social media and digital marketing methods that founder Adam Stott has used himself to generate in excess of £50 million worth of sales. These events are accessible to all start-up and small businesses as the methodology and tips can be applied to any industry. Big Business Events also offers a range of online wealth coaching courses including Inner Circle Training, Social Media Secrets and Millionaire Business Secrets.

BOXT was founded in 2017 by Mel Butler, Alan Dickinson, and Andy Kerr all former executives of Help-Link: along with Keith Jones the former Managing Director of Wolseley's Plumb Centre. BOXT was created to replace the UK's hugely antiquated, expensive and inconvenient home installation model - the team wanted to redefine, simplify and take the financial sting out of upgrading or replacing essential items for the home. Resulting in BOXT: a multi-award winning technology platform for smart home solutions offering: simple, convenient, and honest installation solutions.

Coaching Culture

Set up in 2018 to address the changing landscape of employee development, Coaching Culture is a ground-breaking concept that has revolutionised the industry. By taking coaching from face-to-face delivery to digital, it has made it accessible and affordable for every member of an organisation - something that the HR world has been crying out for.

Established for over 25 years, Craigmore is an independent supplier of welding, cleaning and industrial tools. Their curated catalogue of quality product lines allows them to specialise and deliver the high level of product provision and support that the market has come to expect. Craigmore has proficiency across their key brands including Karcher and 3M, allowing them to service both B2C and B2B consumers. Craigmore’s extension into e-commerce in recent years from the “bricks and mortar” sales model has shown continuous success and growth now selling in over 20 countries.

OLPRO began trading in 2011 after seeing a gap in the market for unique, affordable, and stylish camping and campervan products. They offer campervan awnings, tents, windbreaks, melamine tableware and a range of accessories. It is all designed in house, manufactured overseas, and then the marketing, logistics and customer service is done in house. OLPRO started life as a company who primarily sold to trade but over time, realised that it would be far more successful if they moved into direct ecommerce, and began to focus very strongly on selling direct to their customers via their websites and marketplaces.

Poptop is the UK’s fastest growing online events booking platform. Poptop was founded in 2014 by two entrepreneurs and relocated to Newcastle upon Tyne the year after with the support of Northstar Ventures. Poptop has scaled up steadily over the past 5 years into a profitable business that now employs almost 40 people at its offices in Newcastle and Kiev, Ukraine.

Refresh Cartridges
Refresh Cartridges is a which? recommended ink cartridge and stationery retailer based in South Devon. They have three stores and a warehouse which also houses their head office and online operations. They sell a massive range of re-manufactured, compatible and original cartridges as well as paper, computer peripherals, stationery and games.

Snag Group Ltd
Finding a pair of tights is the UK’s biggest fashion dilemma. They dig in, fall down, tear, and sag. Shockingly, Snag Group Ltd research has shown that 90% of British women say they can’t find a pair that fit. For decades, tights measurement varied only by height and not width – a ‘one-size-fits-none’ approach that excluded millions. Now, Snag Group’s unique sizing matrix – by height, dress size and body shape – has given tights that really fit to thousands and also converted into impressive sales figures. In 20 months since launch, they have sold 1,500,000 pairs of tights.

Stream Loyalty
Stream are a tech enabled consultancy specialising in loyalty. What does that mean? They work with companies to understand their business, challenges, audience and stakeholders so that Stream Comms can craft a loyalty solution that will deliver value year on year. With loyalty it is not one size fits all and their results speak for themselves. Whether there is a need to increase revenue, grow breadth of spend or frequency of spend or create a referrer programme, they will have experiences they can draw on to help customers find the right solution.

VR Therapies
VR Therapies is a pioneering Northamptonshire-based social enterprise for children with special needs and adults with disabilities. Medical advances, VR and immersive therapeutic technology have opened up a whole new world, only limited by imagination. They take those too poorly to walk swimming with dolphins, children undergoing chemotherapy to explore space... This should be for everyone - not just those already in hospital, rich, or physically-able, but those who would benefit most, yet are least likely to access it.

W2 Global Data Solutions Ltd
The W2 API provides businesses with fast and integrated access to a comprehensive set of data for mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance checks and a variety of other business enabling checks such as address, age and biometric validation. The W2 solution simplifies data integration, enabling their clients to combine all internal, external and third-party data to create a better responsive model tuned to their organisation's needs.

Environmental Award - UK Finalists

Aponic Ltd
Aponic Ltd design, manufacture and build commercial aeroponic farms that use 90% less water yet grow 30% faster and deliver 30% higher yields for fresh produce and raw materials. The systems are streamlined to use less energy and run from sustainable power sources anywhere in the world to aid countries suffering with climatic problems and soil degradation and create the socio-economic building blocks to create new opportunities globally and break down the entry barriers to allow people to sustainably create their own food with no food miles and without the need for polluting energy or environmental damage.

EarthSense is a leading air quality specialist, providing expert services in air pollution monitoring, modelling and data provision. EarthSense deliver innovative solutions, enabling the world to visualise and manage its air quality issues for the betterment of human health. Offering a complete data solution to air pollution from inception to implementation, EarthSense’s monitoring and modelling products highlight a reputation for technical excellence in air quality services in the UK and abroad. Products include the Zephyr® air quality sensor and global modelling programme MappAir®, measuring and modelling harmful gaseous pollutants including Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone and Particulate Matter.

Hobbit Hideaway
Kim is a foster carer, passionate about the environment, healing and natural building. Hobbit Hideaway was her vision, a mix of her passions, created to provide a unique place for visitors to escape the pressures of daily life and immerse themselves in the healing beauty of the natural home. It is an eco-build, designed to inspire low impact living whilst offering a space of relaxation and tranquility. Visitors can’t help but smile when they enter and leave feeling nourished and refreshed. It is indeed a holiday home with a difference!

Larchfield Estate
Larchfield Estate is an exclusive use events and accommodation venue based in Lisburn, Co Down. Specialising in corporate and private events, the in-house events team work closely with clients to create bespoke, tailored experiences, suitable for 10 - 400 guests, with accommodation for 37 on site. To date, the owners have invested +£1.5M, continually finding new ways to develop offerings to private and corporate clients, protecting and nurturing the heritage and environment of the property and grounds. The company strives to work with and support local community through a variety of events and workshops per year, setting challenging CSR targets!

Laundry Efficiency Ltd
Laundry Efficiency, owned by Colin and Graham Oakley, has been making the commercial laundry industry a greener marketplace since 2016. Now with eight dedicated employees, they are revolutionising traditional wash methods to reduce excessive waste, pollution and misuse of valuable natural resources. By developing NASA’s Ozone technology, Laundry Efficiency deliver a progressive and advanced product that drives proven environmental improvements for high polluting industries. Their forward-thinking view of technology advancement and genuine care for the wider world see them making positive change in a multimillion-pound industry, traditionally recognised as high contributors to environmental pollution.

Marmax Products Ltd
Marmax Products Ltd manufacture a range of outdoor products; from picnic benches and seating, play equipment and planters, to fencing, boardwalk and dog agility equipment, all made from 100% recycled plastic, which was once milk containers. The products are maintenance free, do not rot, corrode or splinter and are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years. To date, Marmax Products have saved over 1/2 billion milk containers from landfill and our oceans; and this number is increasing year on year.

Naturaw is a small family business who produce raw pet food. Using only ethical means of getting food, everything is locally sourced, and meat must be human grade. Environmental impact is at the forefront of this business as well as providing the highest quality of food for pets. The company also pushes for a zero plastic policy. The tubs for the meat are FDA approved sugar by product which is not only biodegradable but compostable. The Packaging during transit uses 100% natural sheep wool liners which can be returned and reused for the next order.

NEMI Teas is a London-based tea company and a social enterprise offering a variety of whole leaf tea blends as loose-tea and as biodegradable tea pyramids whilst providing job opportunities to refugees living in Greater London. It supplies 15 different loose-leaf blends of teas through both retail and wholesale channels across UK and Europe to over 160 clients including corporates, cafes, delis, restaurants, function centres and retail stores. It is a Fairtrade-certified organisation and only sells Fairtrade and Rainforest-Alliance certified teas. The teabags sold are 100% plastic-free and biodegradable and packaging used is made of wood pulp which is compostable.

Techlan Ltd
Techlan was formed in 2010 to develop an innovative process to clean and recycle high value substrates. Techlan completed its R&D in 2014 and patented its process. Techlan uses this process to repurpose silicon coated release paper. This paper was previously used just once as a raw material in the manufacture of composites for the aero, wind energy and automotive sectors and then disposed of to landfill. Techlan converts the reprocessed paper to reel or sheet format for supply to third party customers worldwide. Techlan is a perfect example of the Circular Economy model.

The Naked Pantry & The Naked Quench New Forest
Kathy opened The Naked Pantry as a passion that she wanted to bring to the community. She opened the first Zero Waste shopping opportunity in the New Forest and it has been very well received by the community. She has also become community leader for the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Towns initiative and is working with other businesses, schools and organisations to help them become plastic free too. All stock is sourced with no single use plastics and customers are asked to bring their own containers to refill and so save waste and reduce plastic pollution.

The Quiet Site
The Quiet Site opened its doors as a holiday park in1963. The Holder family bought The Quiet Site in 1985. Many changes and improvements have happened during their time here. They have concentrated on a fully sustainable approach to business for the last 15 years. The future is exciting and will focus on sustainability, quality and a circular economy. The original farm dates from the 16th Century and much of the present site’s infrastructure is housed in the ancient buildings. 400 years ago all the visitors were Herdwick sheep, nowadays the sheep are outnumbered by human tourists!

Total Renewable Solutions SW Ltd
Total Renewable Solutions, owned by Luke and Beverley Reed, is more than just a renewable energy installation company. They are an MCS accredited installer who believes in renewable energy solutions and works to educate both consumers and installers on the benefits of renewable technologies from Air Source Heatpumps to Solar Panels to Biomass Boilers. TRS is a BPEC-accredited training centre encouraging Heating installers to get involved in Renewable Tecnologies. Once qualified, TRS gives installers opportunities to work with them on projects across the South West. The whole team at TRS is passionate about making a positive impact to climate change.

Family Business of the Year - UK Finalists

Abbey Upholsterers
Since 1920 the Devlin family vision has held Abbey Upholsterers together as solid and tight as any of their finely made furniture. Today Abbey Upholsterers is a multimillion pound company with over 120 employees, leading in the provision of bespoke high end furnishings, upholstery and fit out to the leisure market and private clients. From their factory outside Belfast, using local craftsmanship honed through decades of skills development, an excellent eye for detail and a finely tuned listening ear for client needs, they have created and exported bespoke commissions across Ireland, UK, Europe and globally.

A&R Contract Cleaning
A&R Contract Cleaning is a family run business run by husband and wife duo Ashley and Rayner. Their 18 year old son is in college three days a week, however he works two full days in the admin team of A&R. A&R currently have 200+ contracted staff who work a mixture of part and full time roles. Rayner started an ironing and cleaning business in 2008 as she could see there was a big demand for a local professional company offering excellent standards. A&R was born in 2010 when Rayner merged with Ashley. As the business has grown, they have maintained their exceptional overall standards.

Beckleberry's Ltd
Beckleberry’s is a proud father and sons business that began life back in 1996 when Peter (eldest son) decided that a traditional university life wasn’t for him, and Ian (father) was wondering how best to spend his redundancy monies. Both shared a deep-seated appreciation of ice cream and top-notch puds and their proud Northern roots and both were keen to tap into the region’s proud manufacturing traditions to create something tangible. In 2014 younger brother David joined the family business as Head of Technical.

Derby Hill Dairy Ltd
Derby Hill Farm has been in the Bradley family for 5 generations. It has been a working farm since 1850 and has seen many changes over the decades. It is now solely a dairy farm, producing and processing high quality, award winning milk and milk products. The farm and dairy are run by brothers John and David Bradley. John manages the dairy and David manages the farm. John's wife Karen produces the butter and does administrative work. David's wife Nicola does banking, accounts and administrative work. The children from both families also work at weekends and during holidays.

Mad Beauty Ltd
Mad Beauty grew out of the collaboration of husband and wife team Julia and Trevor Cash.  Julia a qualified beauty therapist who, preceding the formation of the company, was a consultant for a leading health club chain setting up new salons. Trevor was in international distribution for 25 years primarily in musical instruments working for the worlds’ leading manufacturers setting up their export distribution, culminating in winning the Queens Award for Export 1998. However extensive overseas travel was not conducive to a happy marriage so they decided to start a UK based business combining both interests, guitars and beauty!

Power Health Products Ltd
Power Health Products manufacture health supplements both own label and private label as well as export to over 40 different countries. Set up in 1972 by Mike and Clare McIver, all four of their children have worked at Power Health. Today their daughter Vicky is the Managing Director and works alongside Nick (her brother), Christine (her sister) and Vicky's daughter Stephanie, along with other family members. Within the business there are also other family units. They have also just finished building a brand new factory.

Pure Punjabi Ltd
Pure Punjabi is a mother/daughter company trading since 2013. The business was founded from the ground up and has grown entirely on the back of family effort with the two sons/brothers contributing massive effort. They also ensured that together, they got through the early start up years with minimal budget, funding or support. They all took on every role, and between the four of them, covered every area of the business. They are now named a Top 8 UK Indian cookery school, by Olive magazine, ‘Best North Indian UK Cookery School by LuxLife and Finalist Wiltshire Life Food & Drink.

Sygnet Group
Sygnet is primarily a trade signage company that's been in existence in Leicester for over four decades. Sygnet Signs has been in the Iley family since it was formed in 1974. The business fell on tough times around 15 years ago, and was purchased in its entirety from Mick Iley by his son. Gary breathed new life into the company, rebranding it as Sygnet Group and expanding into different and exciting new areas. More staff were taken on to cope with demand, including Gary's son, Max, who is learning all aspects of the business, beginning in the computer-aided design department. Sygnet is an old style family business that's embracing new ways of thinking and new technologies.

Thesis Technology Ltd
Thesis Technology is an ethical, innovative, well-respected manufacturing company, with British and international customers. Producing assistive solutions, including the internationally recognised LimbO Waterproof Protector, Thesis aims to improve the quality of life for people with challenging medical circumstances. Thesis was established by four colleagues who embarked on a new venture to provide employment for themselves and their families. The company has remained family focused, with two of the founders’ children now working as Managing Director and Technical Director. Today, the 50-strong team includes members of several families, including those of the founders and others who have joined over the years.

The Victor Pizza Company Limited
The Victor Pizza Company is a family owned and operated Pizza manufacturing company based in Glasgow, Scotland. The business produces pizza and pizza bases for councils, schools, healthcare and the Scottish Fish and Chip Shop market. Husband and wife duo, Anne Marie and Paul have been running the company since 2006. The last 3 years have seen the expansion into new markets, accomplishing BRC Accreditation, rebranding of the company and products, and finally receiving funding for new machinery. Anne Marie's cousin David is Factory Manager and director, and her 3 children Matt, Mel and Ryan all work in the business.

Ufford Park Woodbridge Hotel, Golf & Spa
Now in its 28th year, Ufford Park Hotel, Golf and Spa is a highly-successful and well-established family business owned and run by the Aldous family. The venue was opened by Shirley and Colin Aldous in 1992 and the couple now sit on the board. Their daughter Tarnia Robertson became Managing Director in April 2015 after working for the business for 15 years. Tarnia is supported by husband Stuart, a non-executive director and owner of The DoctorGolf Academy. Her eldest works part-time in the restaurant, Oliver, 21, works behind the bar during holidays and Georgia, 18, works part-time on spa reception.

Whichford Pottery
Established in 1976 by Jim and Dominique Keeling, Whichford Pottery is a family business with a world-renowned reputation for the highest-quality frostproof terracotta flowerpots - made entirely by hand from their workshop in Warwickshire. Whichford Pottery believe in keeping ancient skills alive through apprenticeships and training. Evolving organically, their eldest son, Adam, now leads a team of over 30 craftspeople. Theodora, their youngest daughter heads up the sales, marketing and logistics teams. And their eldest daughter, Maia, and her partner, Christine, have converted an old barn onsite into a wonderful cafe, The Straw Kitchen.

High Growth Business of the Year - UK Finalists

Advance Grass Solutions Ltd
Advance Grass Solutions, owned by James Bennett, Sam Honeyborne and Sarah Baker, is leading the way in 21st century sports turf management, offering a complete package of services in consultancy, scientific analysis, R&D and a portfolio of exclusive turf management products. In a demanding market, AGS is developing its own professional range of organic and biological products for sustainable, environmentally friendly agronomy programs that achieve global leading results and produce the best possible year round playing surfaces. At just over 2 years old, the company has secured clients at the very top of the industry including Wembley and the new Spurs Stadium.

Concierge Medical
Concierge Medical is a membership-based private GP service providing 24/7 on-site urgent and routine comprehensive medical care to registered individuals and businesses. Their philosophy is a simple one: to provide the very best possible healthcare to their members available in the UK. They have established a strong secondary care and allied health network and actively manage members’ health though to diagnosis and treatment, focusing on what they know patients value; continuity of care and patient advocacy. They have achieved outstanding patient outcomes by managing health conditions at home, avoiding hospital admissions. They are, in essence, a traditional family GP service.

Dentex Health
Dentex is a rapidly growing co-ownership dental business, creating a long-term, sustainable partnership of dentists. Unlike typical corporate models, Dentex does not buy, group and sell practices. Dentex offers dentists a more flexible career, greater control as co-owners and the opportunity to grow whilst still practising clinical dentistry and, with support from its staff, without the day-to-day administrative burden. As equity holders, principals are invested alongside shareholders ensuring they grow value through a collaborative business for the benefit of all. It means that they don’t just become associates, but retain a degree of ownership and control in their practices.

Dortech Maintenance
Dortech Maintenance is a commercial glazing – aluminium windows and doors – maintenance firm and forms part of the wider Dortech Group, which has over 25 years’ architectural glazing experience. The Group has three core divisions – Maintenance, Architectural and Direct (retail) – of which Maintenance is the fastest-growing area. Established from a standing start, Maintenance now has an 11-strong team and aims to double turnover to £2m by the end of 2020. Founded by Steve Sutherland, Chairman, son James is now MD. Clients include household names such as the NHS, Costa and York University, as well as other regional brands.

EvaBuild Ltd
EvaBuild are an award-winning modular groundworks, civil engineering and construction company working nationwide servicing clients in the education, healthcare and commercial sectors. Early engagement and partnership with key clients is a unique selling point for the business and has allowed EvaBuild to grow substantially since incorporation in 2011. EvaBuild find themselves placed in an enviable position within the marketplace, now being considered a leading supplier to the modular groundworks industry.

Helen Pritchard Online
Award-winning online business coach Helen Pritchard has celebrated her first ‘£1m year’ – having experienced exceptional sales growth in the past 12 months. Under the banner of Helen Pritchard Online, Helen helps coaches, consultants and business owners to get more inbound enquiries on LinkedIn from their ideal clients – positively impacting 40,000 people worldwide in her online communities. She teaches her methods through her ‘LinkedIn Mastermind’ – a 12-week group coaching programme with daily training videos, group calls and guest expert speakers; bootcamp eLearning; free ‘5-Day LinkedIn Challenges’; and her free ‘LinkedIn Marketing’ Facebook group, which has over 10,000 members.

InspecVision Ltd
InspecVision develop, manufacture and sell 2D and 3D measurement systems for industrial applications. The core product is the Planar 2D system. The core market is the sheet metal industry. InspecVision developed the world’s fastest 2D measurement system. Other systems on the market were expensive, slow and complex to use. The Planar 2D is lower cost, faster and user friendly. Customers include small sheet metal job shops and multi-national companies across a wide range of industries and international markets. The company has successfully competed against global competitors to win business with companies such as Foxconn, ArcelorMittal, Trumpf and Siemens.

Morrison Freight Ltd
Morrison Freight is a freight forwarder which organises the transport of goods to and from Europe. The company was founded in 1990 and operated primarily as a road haulier serving the UK and German freight markets. Since then the business has grown and is now run by directors Lee Steward and Darren Ryan who took over in 2015. Based in Great Blakenham, Suffolk, they employ 20 staff working across the import and export departments of the business. They offer full load trailer services, part load trailer services, groupage, and express transport services to, from and within 25 countries.

Primal Strength Limited
Primal Strength was founded in 2016 by Steven Rinaldi and represents aspirational, British-designed, fitness equipment aimed at commercial fitness facilities. They present a cutting edge, design-focussed strength brand, dedicated to delivering the highest specification of strength equipment, gym design and installation. Primal Strength has two core ranges; the Commercial Series and the Monster Series. The Commercial series has been designed to offer best value and optimum functionality. The Monster Series offers the highest level of design, build-quality and ergonomics for premium gyms and performance centres. The Primal Strength brand is globally distributed in over 25 countries.

Railway Project Services Ltd
Since 2017, Railway Project Services (RPS) has provided project management services to rail. They aim to be the consultancy of choice for lean, pragmatic and high-quality project management that helps their clients deliver projects that meet the needs of the whole UK population. RPS has grown into a successful consultancy and delivers services to an extensive range of key UK clients including Network Rail (NR), HS2 and West Midlands Trains. 2019 also saw them work with privately-owned businesses such as VVB, Morgan Sindall and GRAHAM Group. Their growth builds on the reputation that they earned throughout the previous years.

TaperedPlus Ltd
TaperedPlus is a national leader in providing quality flat roof design and building services. They are experienced and expert consultants delivering quality, whatever your market or project size – domestic, commercial and industrial. They use cutting edge design technology and revolutionary roofing materials to ensure a high quality finish.

Ultrabeam Hydrographic Limited
Ultrabeam was formed in 2018 by Gabriel Walton and Andy McLeay to provide an innovative approach to the marine asset survey and inspection market. Developing revolutionary methods for conducting surveys using unmanned survey vessels (USVs), designed and built in-house, Ultrabeam combines innovation with cutting-edge data processing and visualisation methods to provide deliverables which outperform anything currently available in the marine industry. Far exceeding company growth expectations, successful completion of projects across 4 continents, and with 84% of sales in the renewables sector, Ultrabeam has demonstrated demand for its pioneering specialised survey platforms and services in a global, expanding market.

International Business of the Year - UK Finalists

Advanced Food Safety Limited
Russell Parry set the business up 25 years ago and became a limited company in 1999. Initially a technical food safety resource for SME's, he soon expanded the business to include the provision of distance learning training and later eLearning training - it was this move that took them to the next level and exporting internationally to over 65 countries. They also provide consultancy overseas in Jordan, Latvia, Macedonia, South America and USA.

Christina May
Christina May manufactures more than five million soap bars a year which are exported to over 34 countries. They are sold through major UK and international retailers, hotel and gift suppliers. It is a family company with a mission to ensure everything it makes upholds the values of English products. That means dedication to quality while offering honest and fair value with excellent customer service. From production to the packaging design, wrapping and boxing up, everything is done in-house - keeping costs competitive while ensuring control over quality. The range produced has recently expanded to include candles, handcreams and showergels.

Cobalt Aerospace Ltd
Cobalt Aerospace are a team of engineers, designers and trusted production experts developing creative solutions and practical products that provide comfort, safety, convenience and ambience for aircraft interiors. Credited with being the first to bring many game-changing products to market, Cobalt Aerospace have launched aircraft cabin innovations that include the original drop-in LED mood lighting system and the world's first-to-fly wireless chargers. All Cobalt Aerospace products are designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring stringent quality control. This commitment to craftsmanship has resulted in the company supplying products to many of the leading OEMs, flag carrier airlines, air framers and completion centres worldwide.

DB Orthodontics
Global family business DB Orthodontics manufactures and distributes high-quality orthodontic products, dental laboratory supplies, and education to over 70 countries. The company is led by directors David Burdess, Christian Burdess, and Victoria Coppack. Down to earth and non-pretentious, DB prides itself on offering a friendly and personal service. Sales, marketing, product design, despatch and quality teams are all under one roof - which gives DB the advantage when it comes to meeting the customer's needs.

Environmental Street Furniture
Environmental Street Furniture is a Northern Ireland based, global designer and supplier of street, themed and site furnishings, as well as solar and security products. The company, which began trading in 2013, offers a comprehensive product range that can be uniquely customised to the needs of each individual customer, setting ESF aside from the competition. In 2020, the company has supplied products to 22 different countries, across five continents.

International Pipeline Structural Solutions Limited
International Pipeline Structural Solutions Limited (IPSS) was incorporated in September 2014. IPSS is an independent company with three Directors, who have between them 30-40 years’ experience in manufacturing pipeline commodities for the oil and gas industry, and 15 years’ experience in management and international sales. IPSS was created with the intention of becoming a Service Company which would supply MRO contracts focusing on Piping components, but also bringing added value of being a distributor for manufacturers in the tougher overseas markets. IPSS has achieved constant growth and have continued to invest in a time where industry has been in decline.

Midland Lead
Midland Lead is the only UK manufacturer offering machine-cast, rolled and sandcast lead. A family owned company based in Swadlincote, they have been producing lead sheet for over 36 years - over 6,000,000 tonnes for UK and overseas clients to date. A strong manufacturing heritage, their highly skilled workforce creates a diverse range of products for UK and global construction from recycled lead, combining traditional craftsmanship with a 21st century technology-led approach. Employing 51 staff, they produce over 15,000 tonnes of lead per year, have a turnover of £31,000,000 and are ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 and BBA certified.

Net World Sports
Net World Sports is a leading global e-commerce business, targeting schools, clubs and end-users with an expanding range of quality, predominantly own-brand, sports equipment. Moving from humble beginnings with their MD selling cricket bats from his bedroom, they’re now renowned as one of the fastest-growing privately-owned businesses in Wales. With around 55% of their sales from their overseas customers, their ever-expanding range of niche, own-brand products cover a wide range of sports to suit every international marketplace. With strong partnerships built with their couriers they are thrilled to offer their customers the fastest shipping services to outdo their competitors.

PG Paper Company Ltd
PG Paper Company Ltd is a global company, which creates markets and solutions enabling the trade of paper and packaging products worldwide. PG Paper’s initial key purpose is providing solutions for redundant material, unfit for its original purpose and often destined for landfill. Whilst providing waste solutions remains the core of the business, the business now works with top paper mills matching supply to demand to customers across several markets worldwide. Employing 29 staff at its Greenock Head Office, and remotely at its various locations worldwide, the company looks to grow and diversify further into many new products and markets.

Signify Technology
Signify Technology are the world’s first Scala Recruitment Specialists, built on two principles. The first, place customer service at the heart of everything they do to revolutionise the recruitment industry. The second, exclusively serve the Scala community, focusing all their energy and time on one niche. From placing the best engineers with global tech giants, to providing information and knowledge, to nurture and develop the community. Signify Technology conduct workshops and lectures globally, (providing grants to those unable to access opportunities), to combat skills shortages worldwide. Currently 59% of their revenue derived from outside the UK.

Slumbersac Trading Company Ltd
Slumbersac Trading Co.Ltd is an award-winning leading children's sleeping bag manufacturer and online retail company successfully operating in Europe, Australia, North and South America as well as Asia. Slumbersac has over 15 years' experience and has grown from 500k GBP in 2012 to a 7 million GBP turnover business in 2018. Slumbersac sleeping bags are designed for mums by mums. For every sleeping bag sold, Slumbersac donates a percentage of profits to charitable projects around the world, helping children and families less fortunate. Slumbersac also works closely with Julia's House Children's Hospice and The Children's Sleep Charity.

Solar Solve Ltd
Solar Solve, established in 1988, manufactures the world’s leading brand of high performance retractable anti-glare roller screens for windows on ships, in crane cabs and ATC towers. The original company was founded by the current Chairman John Lightfoot MBE and wife Lilian in 1975. Exports account for +80% of sales to more than 100 countries including Japan, S.Korea, China, USA, Netherlands and Singapore. The SOLASOLV brand is the only brand of anti-glare screen worldwide to be Type Approved by Lloyd's, DNV-GL, ABS and RINA. Solar Solve is certified to ISO 9001:2015. 168,000+ screens have been supplied to 17,500+ vessels to-date.

Micro business of the Year - UK Finalists

Ask the Chameleon Ltd
Rachel Hayward is founder of Ask the Chameleon (ATC) and specialises in producing exceptional funding and commercial procurement applications and business award submissions for ambitious Midlands-based companies and charities. Since 2015, ATC has secured over £4m in funding and contracts and several high profile awards for clients. A 2018 #SmallBiz100 winner, Rachel attended the Buckingham Palace Garden Party in 2019 in recognition of her contribution to the economy and her work as a University of Derby associate lecturer. Rachel is based in Burton and is nomadic - her drive to support business owners and charities across the Midlands is relentless.

David Meade Ltd/David Meade Events
David Meade Events is a highly successful international events speaking and training company that since its establishment in 2012 has seen considerable growth year after year. David Meade Events, run by renowned speaker and broadcaster David Meade, delivers high-end corporate events, learning and development workshops and keynote speaking services to blue-chip companies worldwide. Key client accounts include PwC, Facebook, Apple, AstraZeneca and Virgin Media to name a few. In the last 2 years the company has begun specialising in delivering CSR team development experiences within the conference/meeting room that challenge yesterday, need collaboration today and give motivation for tomorrow.

E-badges is a family-run business operating from an office in Lincolnshire. They are a manufacturer and supplier of badge making machinery and components. The portable badge making machines, all manufactured in the UK, make traditional pin badges in various sizes, as well as keyrings, fridge magnets and other products. They also make up bespoke badges for customers who don’t want to make their own. Having bought the business in 2007, Andrew and Philippa Vear aimed to become the leading supplier of badge making machinery in the UK. They achieved this quickly and are now focused on becoming the leaders in Europe.

Fairview Farm Enterprises CIC
Fairiew Farm Enterprises is an aspirational day care provision for young adults with disabilities. With high quality, accessible and purpose-built facilities, built within the grounds of the owner’s rural small holding, Fairview prides itself on providing meaningful and well-planned activities to support with independence and social and academic skills. These activities include: animal care, cooking, the Arts, English and maths, shopping, budgeting, trips out, sport … and more. Fairview is unique as it caters exclusively to the specific needs of young adults aged 16-30 as they navigate and transition from the security of school and college into the adult world.

Fanattik is licensed by some of the biggest film and video game studios in the world to create limited edition gifts and collectibles. Current partnerships include 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and more. The products Fanattik creates from Jurassic Park bottle openers to Jaws playing cards are all designed in-house and sold to retailers here in the UK, Europe and as far afield as New Zealand. Fanattik is building up a respected name within British pop culture retail and several products have been nominated for Gift of the Year by the British Gift Association.

Makesworth Accountants
Makesworth is an award-winning accountancy practice of chartered certified accountants, tax and business advisors providing proactive and quality advice to individuals and businesses. Around 738 happy clients are consistently impressed with their excellent customer service. Sanjay established Makesworth in April 2014 with an ambitious vision. A Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant having earned a respected reputation in the field of Accounting, who has over 15 years of vast experience in working with Small & Medium-Sized enterprises. Makesworth always embraces the latest innovative technology to help their clients grow, which they believe makes them highly deserving of the honour bestowed by this award.

North Star Engineers
North Star Engineers Ltd is a group of professionals and experts providing creative audio visual engineering services around the world with the HQ based in North Yorkshire. Their journey began in New Zealand 2007, after expanding they moved to the UK and registered the business in 2012. Since then they have engineered, designed, consulted, project managed and installed AV solutions worldwide and in the UK. They deliver optimal solutions to their clients and their partners to fulfil their audio visual requirements and make their ideas a reality.

Racquet Sports Group
Jack Otton founded Racquet Depot UK in 2008 as a 14 year old schoolboy, using money earned from paper rounds. Jack created a website, selling tennis accessories to consumers, later branching out to other racquet sports. By 2015, Jack purchased one of his suppliers, a mail-order business focused on selling to the trade, including coaches, clubs, stringers and resellers. The two websites currently operate under Racquet Sports Group. Racquet Sports Group currently employs five full time staff and recently purchased their first warehouse distribution centre, with expansion plans underway. The Company consistently dispatches 3,000+ orders a month to Customers across 75 countries.

Railview Limited
Railview is a High-Tech SME based in rural Northumberland specialising in ground penetrating radar systems. They have developed a radar system that uses rotating radar to visualise the subterranean environment looking at assets in order to monitor their condition. Effectively X-ray specs for infrastructure. Railview can collect data 360°. Collecting data in 3D rather than in a plane using control software to accurately control the transmitter and receiver. From the data received their algorithms produce 3D images of the subsurface infrastructure assets. Railview won the North East Innovation Awards in the Category “Idea of the Year - 2019” for this innovation.

Total Generation Ltd
TGL provide servicing and maintenance of many makes and models of wind turbines. They operate across the UK however they try to focus their customer base in Wales. They started back in January 2016 when the national company that was maintaining the majority of their turbines went into liquidation. Their director had worked in the industry for over 15 years prior to this and stepped in to cover the gap left in the market offering a service valued highly by their customers. They pride themselves on offering a personal touch and working closely with their customers.

WOW Scotland
WOW Scotland gives guests the opportunity to experience the very best that Scotland has to offer. On their day tours from Inverness to Skye, Orkney and Speyside they take people to the places they love, making sure to tick off the famous sights along the way. WOW Scotland also run shore excursions from Invergordon, taking guests off the beaten track to show them the real Highlands. WOW Scotland is rated 5 stars by VisitScotland, and have maintained their status as the number one tour operator in Inverness on TripAdvisor, with over 1,500 five star reviews, since 2012.

You&Meow Limited
Ewa Rukat, originally from Poland, at the age of 24, has successfully crowdfunded £20,786 to start her dream - You&Meow, Bristol's First Cat Cafe. A cat cafe is just like a regular cafe, with one furry difference – it's full of beautiful cats! All of You&Meow's residents are rescue cats, with the aim to be re-homed in the future. You&Meow is designed as a Japanese Zen Garden, and at its core, strives to be Your Place of Well-Being - to help you find your personal haven of peace and tranquillity while helping cats in need of a new home.

Self-Employed/Sole Trader of the Year - UK Finalists

Big 5 Catering & Sauces
Big 5 Catering was started by South African, Darren Andrews, who wanted to bring a taste of South African food to the UK market. From the outset he wanted to give it the personal touch by making up his own spices, meat marinades and sauces to go with the food he serves at weddings, parties and corporate functions, to name a few. It was out of this that Big 5 Sauces came to be in 2015 and has seen Darren branch out into the production and retail of some of these sauces to farm shops, butchers and delis.

Filter It Out
Filter It Out was founded by Hywel Phillips, a service engineer with over 25 years’ experience working with, installing and supplying water pumps and water filtration systems for various types of properties and businesses. Since being made redundant due to company collapse mid-2012, Hywel decided that there was enough call to set up Filter It Out in November 2012. Hywel Phillips is a hard worker and a keen engineer who thrives on designing and developing water systems that benefits the customer and environment.

Ibadah London
As a Muslim mother, Mariam was fed up of not being able to find the right gifts or adjusting high street items to make them more Muslim friendly when gifting friends and family. She remembers picking up a Christmas 'stocking filler' and checking the expiry date, to see if it would still be in date by Eid. So she sought to fill this niche for high quality gifts which align with and reflect Islamic beliefs whilst at the same time appeal to Muslim consumers, who are trying to find a balance between their faith and modern society.

LD Kitchens & Sliding Doors
LD Kitchens & Sliding Doors is a kitchen design and sliding door fitting company. They supply and fit your dream kitchen and made to measure sliding doors at very competitive prices. They have a great relationship with their customers and always aim to work within their budget. The business was started by Lee Dyer working out of the back of his car. As it grew he was able to purchase a van then upgrade from there. He is a very hard working man and believes that manners and honesty is the foundation of a successful business.

My Primary Tutor
My Primary Tutor is a private tuition business offering 1:1 or group support for pupils working at primary level. Their support with literacy and numeracy is available in person and online by experienced, fully registered primary teachers. They aim to create confidence in learning through their fun and engaging approach to teaching. They offer a flexible and convenient service, as you can access their support from home. They are safe, as all their associate teachers are disclosure checked and their online sessions can be recorded. Most importantly they get results! Pupils gain confidence and increase their ability with their help.

Sen HR Consulting Ltd
After becoming disillusioned with corporate life and seeing countless friends and colleagues struggling to juggle their work and family commitments, Sarah decided enough was enough. Sarah founded SenHR in 2017 to change the world of work. SenHR helps clients embrace the positive impact great people practices and flexible working can have on culture, team productivity and the bottom line. Sarah is an HR delivery partner; she uses extensive HR experience to get under the skin of her clients' businesses, identify their key people priorities and deliver seamless solutions to create a great place to work and add real business value.

Shamshad Walker Marketing
Shamshad Walker Marketing has a strong track record for supporting businesses from start-ups to large public sector organisations to communicate more effectively online. Shamshad is passionate about helping businesses to succeed. She supports clients by developing robust marketing plans and growing their business through social media and digital marketing campaigns. As a marketing trainer, she offers coaching and workshops via The Creative Quarter, D2N2 Starter Programme, Nottinghamshire Law Society and NatWest. Shamshad is well known for her successful business networking events that she organises in collaboration with NatWest. Plus, events she runs for Rushcliffe Business Partnership.

Sheila Granger Ltd
Sheila is an internationally-renowned, pioneering hypnotherapist from East Yorkshire, trading as Sheila Granger Limited. She became a clinical hypnotherapist in 2009, using emotional intelligence techniques to benefit people in every area of their lives. She has treated clients for many issues and enjoyed huge success and recognition, particularly with her unique Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) weight loss therapy. Her focus is now on ‘making hypnotherapy mainstream’ by equipping other practitioners globally with the skills to build their own practices. Never standing still, she has recently published her first books, aimed at bringing hypnotherapy’s benefits to thousands more people worldwide.

Taylored Fit Physio
Vicky was a physio with 22 years’ experience when she left secure employment in 2014 to start Taylored Fit Physio. As a sole trader, she kept the risk low and used a spare room in her family home to treat clients. In 2018 she increased her risk significantly by investing £250,000 to convert an abandoned chapel into a state of the art physio and wellness centre providing physio, health and wellness treatments and services such as hypnotherapy. Vicky now employs 5 staff, has 15 self-employed practitioners and has a weekly footfall of 400+ people. She continues to be self-employed.

The 25 Boutique B&B
The 25 Boutique B&B opened in March 2015 and is centrally located in a busy tourism district on the English Riviera in Torquay. With six very individual boutique bedrooms, each unique in design, owners Andy and Julian Banner-Price provide their guests with a luxurious experience, the latest technology and many little extras offered as standard. Giving personalised customer service is a specialty. Their business goes from strength to strength culminating in winning “Best B&B in the World” in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards in January 2019 having received a consistently exceptional standard of customer feedback with 600+ reviews scoring them 5/5.

The Fat Pizza
The Fat Pizza combine a great pizza, state of the art A.I. automation technology, peerless feedback mechanisms, community fundraising as well as a focus on sustainability and Carbon Free Dining to be the best at what they do. The first pizza store to use a comprehensive chatbot to attract instant feedback from customers in order to become better! The Fat Pizza was also the pilot for the first GLOBAL trial of seaweed sachets in order to reduce single use plastic. Seeing that they take over every pizza market they enter, they are now franchising and aim to open 20 stores this year!

The Shavedoctor Shave Academy
Mark Sproston aka The Shavedoctor has been delivering the Shavedoctor professional wet shave courses all over the world since 2007. His deep knowledge and expertise has been in demand from some of the world's leading skincare and shavecare companies including L'Oreal, King of Shaves, Elemis and well known razor brands. He has modernised the traditional barber shop shave and introduced the science of shaving earning him along the way the nickname of 'The Shavedoctor'. Mark's reputation and credibility is now recognised across the hair and beauty industry globally and continues to drive and improve barbering and men's personal grooming standards.

Start-Up Business of the Year - UK Finalists

2 Degrees Kelvin Ltd
2DegreesKelvin is a Climate Change Engineering start-up specialising in solar farm assessments and optimisation. They deploy innovative technology and expertise to maximise green energy production, and in doing so directly reducing CO2 emissions to atmosphere. Their vision is to expand their technology and service developments within Solar PV and broaden this into the various contributing factors relating to global warming. They are creating an innovation centre for climate change idea development involving schools and universities to encourage the next generation of engineers and scientists to solve the biggest problems in the world.

Barkley and Co Doggy Daycare
Barkley and Co Doggy Daycare is 13,000 square feet of purpose-built fun for dogs. Their friendly and experienced staff are there to offer clients' dogs a safe, healthy and secure environment whatever its size. Operating almost identically to a children's day nursery and accepting up to 50 dogs per day, their indoor-heated facilities provide an ideal all-year round venue for dogs and owners to attend weekly events, such as Puppy Power Hours (socialisation for puppies), to Stay & Play (socialisation for older dogs) as well as larger events raising funds for local charities, such as their bi-annual dog show.

Gymology was born by couple, Jon and Katie, after finding it so difficult to find an affordable, quick and healthy option. Apart from creating finely tuned, perfectly balanced nutrition, they were adamant from the start that their meals need to be of restaurant quality to stick to your plan and enjoy eating every meal. They want to wow with their taste as much as with their service. It is easy to let yourself down by not eating the right food at the right time. Gymology does the hard work in the kitchen for you.

HDY Agency
HDY Agency is a full-service content marketing agency based in The Custard Factory, Digbeth – Birmingham’s buzzy creative quarter. With a data and channel-first approach that puts the customer at the centre, HDY has quickly amassed an 18-strong team with a killer combination of diverse skill sets, senior expertise and true Brummie creativity, focused on driving meaningful results for businesses and brands. HDY was founded in June 2018 by accomplished marketing professional Angel Gaskell and long-term Heart FM radio host Ed James, and in that time the agency has undergone impressive growth, becoming Birmingham’s fastest-growing content marketing agency.

Kendrick’s of Rochford
Jon Kendrick has been in the hair industry for 18 years and he decided to open up his own Professional Male Grooming Centre. Jon saw that there was a gap in the market for the area in which he opened up. Kendrick's of Rochford offers a range of services from haircuts, facials, traditional wet shave experiences as well as babies first haircuts. Kendrick's also offers its very own range of hair products from hair waxes to beard balms, oil, moisturisers, as well as shampoos and conditioners.

Myndr Ltd
Myndr is a real time, data-driven mental health and wellness support platform founded by peers with real lived experience. Myndr uses user interaction and feedback to help users with similar symptoms explore and use interventions that have worked on other users with similar lived experience. Users receive targeted content based on their input and relating to the problem they are addressing through podcasts, videos, online courses and personal stories from their strategic partners in wellbeing, low mood, stress, anxiety, addiction, health and sleep. The more users interact with Myndr, the more Myndr learns and feeds back, empowering change.

Ocean Adventurers
Ocean Adventurers opened in July 2019 and is one of the largest and most interactive soft play centres in the South West. Ocean Adventurers is not just your average soft play, offering a best in class experience in cleanliness, safety, adult experience and learning and development. It caters for children aged 0-12 years offering structured and unstructured play in a safe, stimulating environment. It also has one of the only role play villages in the South West to fuel imagination and creativity!

Outside In Garden Rooms Ltd
Outside In Garden Rooms was formed by Mel Russell who, following a career change, took a giant leap of faith having spotted a gap in the Scottish market for highly insulated Garden Rooms for year round use. The business designs and builds bespoke garden rooms from their Glasgow base. Each room is based around a standard product developed by the business with each room customised to suit the client’s needs. The structure is pre formed in the workshop then constructed on site in clients’ gardens on a more environmentally friendly, ground screw base.

Parker Rose Recruitment
Parker Rose was created by Stephen Lock and Michael Dodsworth having recognised a gap in the market for a local and more independently run Social Work agency. The Social Work sector is becoming more and more pressured each year and it is critical for its supplying agencies to provide innovative and time sensitive services. They set out to offer a local level of experience but also not be restricted to just supplying to councils in the South East alone and took their years of experience and relationships and aimed to launch an agency that relieved such pressures.

SLS - Software LeadGen Specialists Ltd
SLS, founded and owned by Sam Naseer, specialise in identifying viable leads and prospects for clients. Whether your organisation needs a boost of qualified leads, help with a marketing campaign, or your goal is to improve lead generation productivity - SLS is the lead generation and telemarketing solution for all businesses, especially software and IT companies.

Stay in Belfast
Stay in Belfast is unconventional guest accommodation in the heart of Belfast’s Queen’s Quarter. Established in December 2018, the concept was designed by 3 siblings with a unanimous agreement to create good quality, affordable accommodation for both the corporate and leisure traveller. The purpose was to give guests a hotel-like service without the price tag with the added bonus of additional flexible spaces for guests to self-cater, have additional workspace and extra space to relax with follow travellers. The property fuses new build design with industrial interior inspired by Belfast, proudly hosting local images in each bedroom.

Launched in London January 2018, Vested has had an incredible start. They’ve built a specialist financial services marketing communications agency that delivers smart creativity, intelligent international thinking and creates value for their team and clients. They’re bringing a new approach and attitude to a sector that hasn’t seen (r)evolution for many years. Their clients say they partner with them because they enjoy Vested’s pragmatic consultancy, creativity and deep subject matter expertise. They hire and invest in the best talent who are #fullyvested to deliver their best work and drive positive industry change.

Wellbeing Award of the Year - UK Finalists

Balanced Physiotherapy Ltd
Balanced Physiotherapy Ltd is a small but growing independent healthcare business. It offers physiotherapy and related healthcare to help clients reach their fitness and functional potential by restoring them not just to their previous levels of fitness and health but beyond this so they can achieve their goals and live a fully active and pain free life. This is achieved by a skilled team of physiotherapists, Pilates instructors, massage therapists, podiatrists as well as a nutritionist, audiologist and hypnotherapist. Balanced have five locations across Edinburgh appealing to all from children to elderly, elite to recreational sports people.

Bennett Staff
Claire Wolstenholme is part owner of Bennett Staff based in Hyde, Cheshire. Their business is an independently run recruitment agency supplying temporary and permanent recruitment in the Office, Catering and Industrial markets, covering much of the North West. Originally founded in 1958 as court shorthand writers, they have updated and re-branded over the years. Claire has successfully completed every job within the business dating back to 1990 as an Office Junior and now MD and shareholder. She loves every part of the role, especially working with such a great team who have all been with them for 10+ years.

CMG Technologies
CMG is the only business in the UK offering metal injection moulding (MIM) – a manufacturing method for metal, used to produce precise, complex metal parts in large quantities at reduced prices to standard manufacturing processes. Work includes manufacturing and supplying injection moulded components to the medical, aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors. CMG facilitates the entire MIM process in house - from tool design and build to compounding the feedstock to the final sintering stage. This control allows it to manage the consistency and dimensional repeatability of parts produced, enabling it to supply components of unrivalled quality maintaining full ISO9001-2015 accreditation.

Excalibur Communications
Excalibur is a thriving South West based communications and IT company. It provides SMEs and schools with bespoke technology solutions to meet their specific needs. Excalibur likes to work as a partner, not ‘just’ a supplier, with customers. This strategy is implemented through its policy to employ four service colleagues to every sales person and by creating an Open Office Environment that supports the well-being of colleagues. The company performs well if the team is happy and engaged. Peter Boucher has been CEO for three years and is responsible for introducing initiatives that support employee well-being and development.

Fieldworks Marketing Ltd
Founded in 1998, Fieldworks is a specialist retail technology PR and marketing agency. There are three teams – PR, content and digital marketing, integrated around the needs of clients for business development. Fieldworks works exclusively for tech companies that sell into retail, so the Fieldworks team have been built accordingly, four experienced PR professionals with 43 combined years of experience, with big agency and specialist retail/technology backgrounds. Similarly, Fieldworks has curated its content team which comprises of ex-retail technology and national journalists as well as qualified copywriters. Additionally, Fieldworks’ marketing offers scales globally.

Fortem People Limited
Fortem People are a boutique recruitment, training and consultancy company based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park in a converted barn. They offer their employees a number of wellbeing initiatives including free yoga in the Barn, Bring dogs to Work (currently 3), the lunch time waddle (a walk in the national park), and flexible working from home.

Since its conception, JPP has steadily grown to become a consultancy that offers a broad range of services to a diverse client base. With Civil & Structural, Geotechnical & Environmental, Architecture and Surveying services, they pride themselves in offering a comprehensive consultancy service, which covers the residential, commercial, leisure, retail, health, educational, and transportation sectors of the market. Their employees are at the heart of their business. Their ongoing commitment to maintain the highest professional standards, enthusiasm, motivation and consistent hard work has enabled JPP to grow and develop into the thriving, competitive company it is today.

La Fosse Associates
Founded in 2007, La Fosse Associates is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. They offer full-stack, permanent and contract recruitment services from the board down to their client partners, specialising in executive and C-level search. La Fosse was built on the simple idea that treating people well is not only the right thing to do, it's a better way to do business. Staff equity shares and further benefits help to attract top talent, drive a great team ethic and establish collective pride among their community. La Fosse employs 232 staff across 6 offices in the UK, US and Canada.

Outsource Solutions (NI) Limited
Outsource are a leading Northern Irish based IT Managed Services and Security company providing a ground breaking and innovative suite of IT Managed Services, (incorporating the design, implementation, 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance for a monthly fixed price) all delivered by the most professional, thoughtful and caring staff in the industry. Other company offerings including IT Training, Insurance, Security & Vulnerability testing, Wi-Fi as a Service an innovative bespoke Full Cloud Office product. They also exclusively manage and deliver one of the world’s leading Unified Telecommunication offerings and a full range of Professional Consultancy services across a multi-sector diverse geographical basis.

RCS is a leading not-for-profit organisation which has wellbeing at the heart of its activities. The company’s mission is to contribute to economic and social wellbeing in North Wales through helping more people enter, sustain and progress in employment. The 30-strong company works with individuals to promote the value of work for wellbeing, and works with employers to promote the business case for investing in employee wellbeing. Since its establishment in 2007, RCS has levered over £12m into the North Wales economy. The overall wellbeing value of its social impact has been calculated at over £35m.

Voodoochilli Design
Voodoochilli, owned by Harry and Becky O’Connor, is an experienced, multi award-winning web design agency that delivers growth to companies within the engineering, industrial and commercial sectors as well as other SMEs and organisations. With 20 years’ experience helping businesses get to the next level through technology developed by their software engineers, they have worked with hundreds of organisations to enable them to make more money, efficiency savings and strengthen their brands. Their focus is engineering, industrial and commercial, but they have a vast amount of experience working with a broad range of sectors.

ZeroLight create unique buying experiences for customers in the automotive industry, developing interactive and engaging experiences ranging from web configurators, VR, AR and 3D products. ZeroLight began trading in 2014 with 11 members of staff and has since become the world’s leading provider of visualisation and virtual reality software for the automotive industry, having won numerous awards for innovative technology. In the last six years they have grown to over 90 employees, and the need for comprehensive policies in areas such as Mental Health and Wellbeing became a high priority for the Talent Development Team.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year - UK Finalists

Amy Moring & Jeff Webster - Hunter & Gather Foods
Hunter & Gather is on a mission to champion honest, tasty food that’s free from lazy sugars, grains and inflammatory fats. This forward-thinking paleo/keto-centric business began its journey championing 100% cold-pressed avocado oil-based products made from socially responsible ‘wonky’ fruit. An all-natural, ‘good-as-homemade’ portfolio that made its name dragging two historically taken-for-granted food categories (cooking oils and condiments) into the nutritionally-empowered/clean deck/gastronomic arena. Hunter & Gather’s second chapter saw them launch healthful collagen peptides, an MCT oil and three Organ Nutritional Support Supplements (heart, liver AND heart & liver PLUS wild herbs) made from grass-fed Icelandic lamb.

Cameron Christie & Declan Christie - UK Trade Furnishings Ltd
Cameron (26) and Declan Christie (27) are the young entrepreneurial duo of cousins behind UK Trade Furnishings, which primarily trades under the name of Luxury Flooring & Furnishings. Founded in 2011, the company specialises in the online retail of flooring products, including solid and engineered wood, laminate and luxury vinyl tiles, and has grown to become one of the leading players in the online flooring market

Declan Murdock - AJC Group
Declan is Director of AJC Illuminations launched in May 2019, specialising in Festive Lighting and Event Services with its HQ located at its own self-contained 70,000 sq ft premises in Downpatrick. AJC Illuminations are the only manufacturing company in Ireland producing bespoke festive lighting and event installations locally. There is currently a core staff team of 17 full time employees with around 50 sub-contractors having been employed during the Christmas peak season in 2019. For the first year of trading the business is set to achieve a turnover of £3 million with prestigious contracts secured such as Harrods Knightsbridge.

Hannah Williams - Scribble Inc Ltd
Scribble Inc Ltd is a Graphic Recording business founded by illustrator Hannah Williams. This is large-scale real-time drawing, which translates information into words and pictures. This service captures ideas in a more creative and engaging way for attendees at events. The visual nature allows for themes to be more visible and a digitised version can be shared as social media content to give longer reach to the event, making it more exciting to process and review than written notes alone. The drawing can be displayed later as a reminder of achievements, goals and actions from the day’s discussions.

Ian Antonio - LILA International Logistics Ltd
LILA International Logistics describe themselves as the freshest, friendliest and most vibrant new freight forwarder operating out of London Heathrow. They are very proud to have sponsored two local sports teams and a Macmillan Cancer Research event. They are in the process of becoming a sponsor to NET Patient Foundation. LILA see it as crucial to give back to the local community and to charity.

Jade Holly Smith - The Saddle Bank Ltd
The Saddle Bank was established in December 2016 to offer horse owners a safe place to purchase quality used saddles online, competitively priced, delivered direct to their door.   Founder Jade Holly Smith has driven the business forward through application of business knowledge, passion, and determination. The business started with just £800, has grown over 170% year on year since it began, achieving almost £500,000 in saddle sales in 2019. This year The Saddle Bank is set to launch its own range of accessory products.

Liam Morgan - Central FM Group Ltd
After leaving school in 2013 with no formal opportunities Liam’s life was at a cross roads. With some encouragement from his god father they set up a security business. In the beginning, the company only had one customer so Liam would work nights and weekends to help build a successful business which he strives to achieve. Some points of Liam’s young social life were a distant memory, but he knew that he had to work very hard to succeed and build the professional business he set out to do.

Matty Smith - Matty's Ltd
Matty Smith from Selston launched his online Business ‘Mattys Candles’ in June 2019 selling handmade Scented Eco Candles and Melts, using eco packaging that completely bio degrades in Landfill. Instead of single use clamshell plastic for melts, they use micron sleeves that rot down in landfill even without light and heat. They feature heavily on Amazon and have over 160 resellers in the UK operating a business model similar to other home care products. Turnover based on the last 6 months will mean VAT registration in March 2020.

Oliver Bruce - PinPointMedia
Oliver Bruce, age 26, is Managing Director of PinPointMedia; a national media company based across 3 offices (Cheltenham, Manchester and London). PinPoint Specialise in producing purpose driven content (film, animation, photography and video brochures) for PLC's through to SME's across the UK and overseas. With nearly 30 staff, three offices and now in its seventh year, PinPointMedia pride themselves on being absolute experts in what they do. This passion for perfection has seen PinPointMedia rank in the top 5% of production companies in the UK boasting clients such as Barratt Developments PLC, British Gas, Babcock International and EasyJet.

Rachel Hanretty - Mademoiselle Macaron
Mademoiselle Macaron is the love story of a year in Paris where Rachel Hanretty learned how to make the perfect French macaron. Returning to graduate, she struggled to find a full time job and decided to start making macarons at home and selling them at local markets. Six and a half years later, she leads a team of 13 to produce thousands of macarons that are sold online, to wholesale, corporate and wedding customers and still at those local markets. One product in many flavours and colours create a moment of luxury for every Mademoiselle and Monsieur.

Shainy Moscovitch - CP12 Energy Ltd
To be a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry brings on a lot of mixed reactions, but to be 23 years old with an 8-month-old baby, makes everyone wonder how it could be done. The answer is simple, CP12 Energy is driven by a passion to change the gas sector for the better. For the three short years CP12 Energy has been trading, the positive changes it has created is significant. To witness that on a day to day basis is what keeps up the determination to continue, despite the odds.

Stephanie Buttery - ANGELS SHARE MCR (Chu-Lo Drinks)
In 2018, Stephanie spent ten months deployed in the Far East with the Royal Navy. Four of those months were based in Japan and this is where Stephanie discovered an idea, and a thirst, to bring something new to the soft drinks market. Chu Lo Drinks are a series of Japanese inspired soft drinks which are made to look great and taste incredible. After conducting market testing with Manchester Youth Markets, Stephanie received a government start-up loan to make the drinks on a large scale so that everyone can have a ‘Taste of Japan.


FSB Small Business Awards Highlights

Details of the event are as follows:

Date: Thursday 27 May 2021
Timings: 12.30pm – 3.00pm


  • Celebrity Speaker and Host – Clare Balding
  • Co-host - Dave Sharpe
  • Message from our Sponsors
  • Announcement of 11 x category winners from across the UK
  • Announcement of the FSB Small Business of The Year
  • Exclusive prize draw competition for UK Finalists in attendance on the day
  • UK winners prize package announced