Tilney Financial Planning Ltd


Tilney is an award-winning financial planning and investment company that builds on a heritage of more than 180 years. Our clients include private individuals, families, and professionals.

At Tilney our financial planners help people to achieve their goals. No two clients are the same – our service is personal to the individual. The advice we give could focus on planning for retirement or passing on your money to loved ones.

Some clients may require a comprehensive plan to meet all of their goals and requirements. This will involve looking at every aspect of their finances to understand how advice in one area may affect or depend on others. Whatever shape the financial plan takes, all of the advice we give will be tailored to the individual financial circumstances.

To find out how your local Tilney team can help you, contact Chris McVeigh, chris.mcveigh@tilney.co.uk, or call 028 9590 1280.