Stagecoach is a leading multi-modal UK public transport company, employing around 24,000 people across the UK and delivering journeys for around 2.5million people every day.

We are Britain's biggest bus and coach operator, with operations in England, Scotland. Our
8,300 buses, coaches and trams support the economy and employment, connect communities and help deliver cleaner air. 

Stagecoach is Britain's original and most successful transport start-up. Founded nearly 40 years ago, we've grown from family origins to become a leading transport innovator. 

We've built our business by challenging convention, championing new ideas, working in partnership, and giving our people the freedom to innovate and take risks.

Stagecoach Quote
"Rachel Hanretty has drawn on her passion for patisserie to start and grow a successful macaron business and is a great example of having what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. She found a sweet spot in the market as a mid-sized business, retaining an artisan ethos while still able to produce handmade and high-quality products in volume. 

"Rachel has demonstrated an ability to successfully scale the business, doubling turnover and also reducing per unit manufacturing costs. Backed by a strong online presence and social media marketing, she was able to diversify into multiple sales streams to spread risk and develop opportunities to grow. 

"We were particularly impressed with her agility and resilience, qualities of the best and most successful entrepreneurs, in learning rapidly from a potentially significant setback to strengthen the long-term sustainability of her business."

Steven Stewart, Director of Communications, Stagecoach Group

Stagecoach Celebrate their 40th Birthday 


Stagecoach 40 years