Apprenticeships Ambassador Network


The Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (AAN) has 9 regional networks across England. Each network consists of a group of employers whose main aim is to spearhead the drive to engage new employers to recruit Apprentices across England. 

Ambassadors undertake their role (on a voluntary basis) by supporting and influencing a wide range of key stakeholders including schools, colleges, employers and their supply chains, trade associations and employment bodies.

Sponsor Quote: 
The Yorkshire & Humber Apprenticeship Ambassador Network is proud to sponsor the Community Business of the Year Award. This is for businesses who actively show leadership in their local community, including through apprenticeships, and make a positive impact through employee-led activities. Congratulations to Northern Regeneration for its impressive work cementing stronger links between education and industry and forging a magnificent Construction Skills Village. This is creating valuable opportunities for individuals to acquire skills that are crucial to making the construction sector thrive. We applaud Northern Regeneration for its ambitious plans.
Steven Heaton, Y&H Apprenticeship Ambassador Network