Creative Nature, Overall Winner 2018
From all the award entries and area winners, eleven category winners were selected, and from these the FSB Small Business of the Year 2018 was selected as Creative Nature.

“The most amazing thing about winning the National FSB awards was getting to open the London Stock Exchange. It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I remember, and the FSB made it happen! We’ve gained national and international recognition from winning the award, including an article in the Flybe in-flight magazine and lots of other media coverage. I would definitely recommend other businesses enter in 2019 as it gives your business so much credibility being a national award, even if you don’t win it’s such a great networking opportunity. I’ll be entering again, so will hopefully see some of you at the finals!”
"Julianne Ponan, Creative Nature.


Scale-Up Business of the Year
Creative Nature

"I’m thrilled to be recognised as the FSB Small Business of the Year 2018. As a small business, innovation is the key to the sustainability of our successful business performance. We constantly focus on developing new and exciting products. Our products will constantly push the boundaries of ‘free-from’ and will introduce new taste and eating experiences for consumers."

Digital Business of the Year
Bambino Mio

“We’re thrilled to be awarded the Digital Business of the Year. We’ve built this business over much of the past 20 years and it’s great to see the hard work paying off and being recognised in this way. Our digital strategy and content has been crucial to our growth and it’s been a vital element to our success.” 

Employer of the Year
Business Clan

“We’re delighted to be awarded the FSB Employer of the Year Award. Flexible working patterns can really add to business success. Provided we deliver on deadline for clients, and produce quality work, we’re never questioned about when or where we choose to work."

Ethical - Green Business of the Year
Rosewood Farm

“We’re thrilled to be awarded by FSB as being the UK’s best Ethical – Green Business of the Year. Our pioneering, gentle farming techniques look after the grasslands of the Lower Derwent Valley in Yorkshire – 97 per cent this habitat has been lost already and we want to preserve it."

Business Exporter of the Year
Wolffepack Limited

“We’re thrilled to be awarded the FSB Business Exporter of the Year. Our revolutionary design is really popular throughout the world and it means a lot to be recognised by FSB.”

Family Business of the Year
Stablewood Leisure Limited

"We’re thrilled to be awarded the FSB UK Family Business of the Year. For the entire family it means a huge amount and it represents the hard work and sacrifice that all of us have made to get us where we are today.”

Business and Product Innovation
Environmental Street Furniture Ltd

“We’re thrilled to be awarded the FSB Business and Product Innovation Award. Our vision is to provide the global construction industry with a genuinely independent, accountable and innovative range of external furnishing products.”


Micro Business of the Year
Superlative Recruitment Ltd

“Small businesses make for a strong economy, and it is through supporting small businesses such as Superlative Recruitment that we’ll continue to lead the world in entrepreneurialism.”

Start Up Business of the Year
IGO Pets Ltd 
“We’re thrilled to be awarded the FSB start-up of the year. For a business that is less than a year-old, to be recognised with this award means a huge amount as we continue to grow.”

Triumph Over Adversity Award
ALD Life

“I’m so pleased to be recognised by the FSB with their Triumph over Adversity Award. It’s been an emotional journey to get where we are today, and this is hopefully another step to improving the lives of hundreds of children for the future.”

Young Entrepreneur of the Year
James Calderbank, The Transform Hub

“It goes to show that if you’re someone who has ever had the dream of running your own business - take the leap! There were so many amazing and inspirational people in that room today, all of them started somewhere."